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Sharon Campbell

Family & Marriage Celebrant-A11669

Welcome to the Family (Naming):

A Naming Ceremony is a celebration to introduce the newest member of your family to your friends, family and neighbours. The ceremony shows the intensity of our love for this child, ensuring they feel this raw emotion. Surrounding them with added protectors to guide them through life into adulthood.

A naming ceremony can be used to welcome, not only your own children to their family but also Adopted and Foster Children.

A naming ceremony can be performed at any age from newborn right up to adult hood. Multiple children can be honoured in one ceremony. If you have only just heard of this ceremony dont hesitate in naming all your children at once.

The purpose of a naming ceremony is to:

1) Remind Parent or Parents of the great responsibility involved in bringing up the child. Parents express their love and want for the child. Family values are expressed in the ceremony wording. It is especially important for a single parent to call on the support of their friends, parents and community. Parenting is a challenging role.

2) Godparents, Guardians or mentors are named, who will assist the parents in molding the childs future. God Parents are a role model, a reflection of great friendship and a great honour to be chosen. Godparents pledge their ongoing commitment to provide guidance and affection to the child.

'A kiss on the childrs forehead after the Godparents pledge,

symbolises the new bond created between them.'

3) Grand parents are also honoured and recognised in a naming ceremony.

Grand Parents assist the child find their identity. Often perents are time poor due to working commitments and Grandparents have that extra bit of time to teach them day to day skills plus explain their family history. This relationship if nutured is very special indeed.

4) Siblings are recognised and often set a role or task to complete in their brother or sisters life.

5) Finally I like every guest to be involved in some small way, as they are the childs 'Community'. This usually happens with participation in the 'ceremony within a ceremony'. See suggestion lists below.

Families come in all shapes and sizes including newly blended families. If you have merged your brood or gained a new member through fostering or adoption, you can celebrate with a Family Unity Ceremony.

Ceremony within the Ceremony

Lighting a candle

Balloon release

Bowl of wishes

Burying a time/date capsule

Planting a tree

Childrens or sibling circle

Origin & meaning of babies name

Star Sign, Birth Date Meaning

Poems from Mums to daughters

Maybe a song for Fathers to their little girl

Parents vows of commitment

Guest readings, wishes and blessings

A Name Giving is not a baptism or christening, attaching the child to a church and not defining a religion. Celebrants perform a naming ceremony with the understanding the child will be able to choose his or her own faith when they grow older. However it is important you consider a church ceremony if you 

wish your children to receive a christian or catholic education.