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Sharon Campbell

Family & Marriage Celebrant-A11669

The Process

Step 1: Ring me!

During this phone call we will clarify what type of ceremony, when and where the ceremony will be held and if I am available. I will give you my prices and payment schedule

Step 2: Initial Meeting

This meeting can be held at your place, my place or over coffee at a local cafe.

We will discuss:

  • Initial thoughts and idea's and requirements for the ceremony.
  • Legal requirements and documents I need to site.
  • Complete legal forms if any. These are lodged on your behalf.
  • Choices and options.
  • Styles and format.
  • How we will collect information used to write a ceremony.
  • You have the option to pull out, obligation free if you dont think I am right for you.

Formalise your booking:

If you are happy to proceed I will collect a booking fee (non refundable deposit) and we can start planning at once!

Complete the Legal Documentation:

  • We will complete all legal documentation and explain the paperwork process right up until registration.
  • Site the required identification
  • Explain my legal obligations and the legal wording required in the ceremony
  • I will give you a brochure which explains name changes and your rights once married.
  • I will discuss relationship services and local providers.

Step 2: Questionaire / Homework

Personal ceremonies require a great deal of information and detail to really capture who you are as individuals and as a couple. I can sit there for hours upon hours asking you questions or I can leave a simple questionairefor you to complete in your own time.

I one for each partner to complete seperately, not together, as it helps me relate to your different prospective's, differing opinions or sides of the story.

I one for each partner to complete seperately, not together, as it helps me relate to your different prospective's, differing opinions or sides of the story.

Step 3: I write your ceremony.

I will now have enough information to start writing the ceremony using

  1. Notes I have taken
  2. Your likes and dislikes from sample ceremonies given
  3. Homework / Questionaire answers
  4. If further information is needed I will give you a call

Step 4: Edit the first Draft

I will email, deliver or post you Draft 1 of your ceremony. There will never be any surprises with my ceremonies, except for suprises planned escpecially for you.

You are free to make as many changes as you like. We can re-write your ceremony until you are happy with the end result BUT that has never happened. My system works well. Nothing pleases me more than couples ringing to tell me how much they love what I have prepared.

Step 5: Rehearsal

I always advise a rehearsal to familiarise ourselves with the location, run through the choreography and each persons role. This is a good time for questions and when familiar with the proceedings I find everyone is much more relaxed and can enjoy the ceremony.

Rehearsals are held 1 or 2 weeks prior, 1 week or even the day before.

Step 6: On the Day

I will arrive 45 -30 minutes before the ceremony. This allows me time to set up, organise myself and start welcoming your guests. Please relax and enjoy your day. If there are any changes or problems, I will discuss them with you when you arrive.

Tip - Your guests don't know what is planned

More often than not, guests are unaware even if something goes wrong.

We have worked hard to plan this event.

Enjoy every minute!

Step 7: Feedback and Review

I really appreciate your feedback whether positive or negative. This feedback helps me refine my services and improve my skills. I hope each couple allows me to post photos on my website and provides feedback to post as a reference to help other couples with their decisions