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Sharon Campbell

Family & Marriage Celebrant-A11669


My retirement ceremonies are a light hearted celebration of a life time of getting up early, stress and commitment to their job or career. We laugh and joke about age, celebrate health and making it this far.

Retirement can be a frightening transition, especially for men who have literally worked all their life. In the ceremony we discuss travel, health, hobbies, activities and options for the future now time is on their side. I can add some jokes about putting up with their partner, new found independence and joining the bowling club.

Retirment is what you worked all those years for!

Live for today and enjoy every minute.

Who plans a Retirment Ceremony:

Retirement Ceremonies can be booked by the Employer, celebrated in the workplace, place of business or in a function room. Alternatively most families embrace retirement, throwing you the shin dig of all shin digs to welcome you home.

Who pays?

You may be lucky enough for the employer to foot the bill as a thank you for long service. In this circumstance a gift marking length of service would be give, such as a gold watch or trophy. However in this day and age, long term employment and loyalty is out the window. When downsizing the older staff can be the first to go.

 "Let the celebration be your gift".

Ask all guests to contribute a certain amount of money to cover the celebration in lou of a gift. If the guest list is mainly friends and family ask everyone to contribute a dish and bring in a photo, fact or story to used as part of the ceremony.

Easily fixed - what useless gift would we buy them anyway!

What can we add to the ceremony?

  • Testimonials by Management, Collegues and Staff
  • Story of their working life, from start to finish
  • Challenges, Achievements and Adventures etc throughout career
  • Changes in job, technology and Employers - pictures etc
  • Speeches by family members. What did they get out of Dad working etc.
  • Hopes , plans and fears for the future
  • Champagne toast to the future

My promise to you is your honoured guest will leave feeling

honoured, loved, energised and inspired

readyto move into retirement.