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Sharon Campbell

Family & Marriage Celebrant-A11669


Kindergaten, Primary School, High School

University Graduation

Corporate Training

Short Course or Private Training

Gradutation is a milestone worthy of a celebration. Important recognition for the hard work put into the training which has brought skills and knowledge enabling transition to the next stage.

A ceremony can be formal, relaxed or even funny. A well written and planned ceremony will certainly perk up formality.

No matter what age the graduate is or level of education achieved, Graduation will be an emotional event. Proud parents can sit back watching their children be recognised for their efforts. Friends will spread their wings and move in different directions. Often saying 'goodbye' to people you have shared considerable time with, over the years. 

University Graduation:

Receiving an Acedemic Degree is certainly a huge milestone and probably the most exciting part of university life. The formal Graduation is managed and hosted by the University but the impact of a family gradutation straight after will tell them just 'how proudthe extended family really are'.

Often Gradutation will be shared with a Bon Voyage. The graduate may be travelling to celebrate and rest, moving house, state or country to start the new job.

Useful Ideas:

Academic Theme - Hat and Cape

Black Table clothes with mirror and Voltive Decoartaions

Academy Awards theme

Invite the extended family

Invite old High School Friends

Photo presentation, over the years

Personal changes throughout the course

Personal awards achieved, sports played, new friends

Talk about prospects for the future.

Corporate or Business Graduations:

Employers / Training Organisations also need to showcase the skills learnt, appreciation for effort and hardwork. Employers will always benefit from a confident and consiencious employee putting these new skills into practice.

When employers, CEO's or Executives attending the graduation and even presenting awards is far more impressive than the teacher presenting the award. This is a great surprise if unexpected and creates a higher sence of achievement.

The presentation will provide a photo opportunity to encourage others to do the same, in the internal newsletter. Or better still create a PR opportunity to promote the company, its programs and vision for the future.

Useful Ideas:

Attendance or even Presentation by CEO, Manager or a celebrity

Explanation of skills acheived and future opportunities

Pledge - Repeat after me then shake hands

Presentation of a Certificate

Gift - Book on leadership

Photo slide show of the journey

Funny Stories

Group Photo of graduates

Make the graduates look good infront of the executives.

Class awards -

show employers /student how well they were understood.

Gifts Rich in Symbolism

Presentation of an inspiring keepsakes.

Saying or presentation line printed on rear of Certificate

Award distinctive characteristics such as;

Most willing to share

Most improved

Biggest personality

Biggest time waster

Class larakin

Most inspiring

Most responsible

e.g Kaleidoscope given -

'Who always helps us see things in a new or different light'

This presentation also shows an employer how well a trainer got to know the employee. Their perception of personality shows ability to work with people and how valueable your contribution to the company.


Kindergaten or Pre School graduation signifies the passage to big school. This celebration will create a solid foundation for future hard work, creating a childs first recognitionoutside the home for a big achievement.

Useful Ideas:

Ceremony Gown and hats

Sing songs, show work off

Walk in to presentation in single file

Cheering from parents

Individual presentation of certificate to praise & photo

Speeches by teachers

Gift of class photo, colouring in book and pencils,

Keepsake photos in booklet

Kindy Awards:

Helping others

Great manners

learning colours

Helping the teacher

Great singing