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Sharon Campbell

Family & Marriage Celebrant-A11669


Eloping has come back into fashion. I think modern couples have started to think creatively, rather than cheaply.

There are many reasons couples decide to elope:

All we need is the two of us

  • Our wedding is a private intimate moment in a romantic location
  • We are in a hurry
  • Family and Friends may not approve of one party
  • We dare to be different
  • We are in a hurry
  • Weddings are a load of B....S..... but we cant live without each other.
  • We don't feel comfortable being the focus of attention and public speaking
  • We are marrying in a plane or skydiving which is not suitable for guests
  • We are much more focused on buying a house than a big reception.
  • Combining the honeymoon with the ceremony
  • My partner and I have extremely challenging families
  • It is too esy to be swept up in all the romance and that is not us.

I can put a package together for your escape

Including any or all of the following items

2 Witnesses and all legal documentation

Photographer to capture your special moments

Ceremony decorations - Beach or Garden setting

Hair, Make up, Nails & Massages

Bouquet and Button Holes

Champagne Toast & 2 Wine Glasses

Wedding Cake to be cut for Photos

Keepsake copy of the ceremony wording


Email and phone contact for planning

Spa Accomodation, Chocolates on arrival

Limo Transport or car hire

Airport Transfers from Sydney (if needed)

I can marry you anywhere within Australia. The Illawarra has some beautiful locations a crowd could not attend.

Imagine bush walking in the rainforest and saying your vows next to a beautiful waterfall.

Or may I suggest one of our many lookouts follwed by private dining at an exclusive Sea Food Restaurant. 

How will I ever tell my family? What will they think?

There are so many ways to break the news, so have some fun with it.

  • Have a BBQ and celebrate the surprise
  • Announce it at a family function or in a public forum
  • Send the mums flowers and a copy of the ceremony wording while the ceremony is being conducted.

To be fair, you have a fair idea of each individuals reaction, 

when making the decision to elope in the first place.

Mum may be hurt she could not be there with you

Dad may be disappointed he did not get to walk you down the aisle

They may fully understand your reasons and be very supportive

Dad may also jump with joy cause he doesnt have to pay for it now!

This is your life, your Partnership, your Decision.
Either way, make your decisions carefully.
No-one wants to regret their own wedding!