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Sharon Campbell

Family & Marriage Celebrant-A11669

Destination Weddings:

You think a destination wedding sounds dreamy. Desserted Islands, Pool Bar, Traditional dancers for entertainment. Great food and never ending sunshine!

Not to mention a place to call ours, to revisit with out children and on anniversaries.

Come to me!

I will provide you a perfect destination experience!


  • They can be easier to plan, if you get a good wedding planner and your guests are co-operative.
  • Cost effective if guests pay for themselves
  • Destination weddings can cost up to 1/3 of a traditional wedding.
  • A great opportunity to combine the wedding and honeymoon costs together.
  • Make it into a family holiday - great for a 2nd marriage.
  • Takes all the stress away
  • Those who wish to attend can, and others wont. The choice is theirs.
  • Spend a few days with your special friends and family, rather than a few hours.


  • Guests can pull out at the last minute.
  • You may not make minimum numbers to receive your chosen ceremony package.
  • Guests close and dear to your heart may not be able to afford to attend.
  • Currancy variations due to high exchange rate
  • Bad weather
  • Become ill and cant attend yourselves - Balli Belly.
  • Destination is not as nice as the picture.

Like lotto I suppose. I suggest you research, research, research.

Destination: Illawarra & South Coast, NSW

Visitors won't be disappointed

Locals stop seeing the beauty when it is on your doorstep

and take it for granted.

I will re-awaken your senses

 I can help you plan an all inclusive package.

My advice, contact Escape Tradition to discuss one of their many affordable packages. Alternatively

I will put you in contact with local businesses who will be hapy to help you