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Sharon Campbell

Family & Marriage Celebrant-A11669


The definition of Commitment in the dictionary is

"The act of binding yourself, either emotionally or intellectually".

Some of us do not see marriage as the best way to commit

to their sweetheart. For them a commitment ceremony is a better alternative.

What are the difference between commitment and marriage?

  1. Commitment is for those of you who may not be able to may for legal or cultural reasons.
  2. Lost faith in marriage due to a bad experience.
  3. Think you are too lod for marriage.
  4. Commitment joins those who choose love to be their foundation rather than a peice of paper.
  5. No Birth Certificate or official documents needed
  6. I do not use legal wording in the ceremony
  7. Nothing to sign on the day unless you would like a special certificate
  8. No documentation registered with the Attorney General's Department.
  9. I am available at short notice!

A commitment ceremony is very similar to a wedding. I will write wording which reflects your personalities and style, representative of the feelings you share for each other.

You can invite as many guests as you like and hold the ceremony at a location of your choice.

I give you a keepseake copy of the wording and the promises you have made.

A commitment ceremony is great for couples who have chosen to love each other and are determined to survive without the words "To death do us part".

Relationships are tested by competing schedules, two strong wills, differing opinions, personality clashes, self centredness distrations, materialism, lack of respect, misunderstandings, neglect and unfaithfulness.

Commitment ceremonies form as a foundation enabling the strong to stand strong and true to each other.