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Sharon Campbell

Family & Marriage Celebrant-A11669

Coming of Age:

Adolescence - 13th Birthday

Becoming a teenager

Start of the journey to adulthood

First year of High School

Finding their identity

Coming of Age - 18th Birthday

Legal tranistion to adulthood

Allowed to drink alcohol

Eligible to vote

Right to Marry

Can apply for a credit card

Own power of Attorney

Right to make own legal choices

Go to Jail

Can buy a house

End of High School

Starting employment or University

Can go Bankrupt

At 18 you have the right to die for your your country!

21st Birthday Celebration

Previously 21 was the legal age for adulthood in Australia. It still is in the US and throughout Europe. However when Australia deceased the age of enlistment from 21 to 18 and decided to send our sons to War, adulthood was changed in parliament as it was unfair to allow them to die for us without the priviledge of enjoying a beer or a smoke with the boys. It is acceptable to celebrate one or both as a coming of age.

This is my angel Brooke.......

Brooke needed to buy a full copy of her Birth Certificate to get her drivers licenece. As it turns out the Department of Birth Deaths and Marriages made a typo when registering Brookes birth. Brooke prefers the incorrect spelling of BROOK (no E). I prefer the 'E' to stay.

On Brookes 18th Birthday which is on 19th September, 2010 Brooke has the right to change her name and I have no say in the matter.

Brooke has chosen to have a formal ceremony for her 18th Birthday. In her teenage years, for one reason or another, we lost contact with our extended family and Brook sees this as an important time to reconnect. She wants everyone to understand the person she has become, the choices she has made for herself and what her hopes and plans are for the future. Brooke sees the importance of ceremony to personalise the event, rather than just focussing on the alcohol and the party. 'I'M SO PROUD OF YOU BROOK!'

Ceremony within a Ceremony

Wishes and Wisdom

Candle Lighting

Opening a Time Capsule

Life Story so far

Fire Ceremony

Pledge of Responsibility

Photo Slide Show

Story telling by Significant People

Tunnel of Transition

Box of Symbols

Rose Ceremony


Video Messages from Distant Friends and those who could not attend.

Here is the Reading I have chosen for Brookies 18th

From "The Heroine in Every Woman"

Jean Bollen

"There is a potential heroine in every woman. She is the leading lady in her own life story, on a journey that begins at her birth and continues throughout her lifetime. As she travels on her particular path, she will undoubtedly encounter suffering; feel loneliness, vulnerability, uncertainty and know limitations. She may also find meaning, develop character, experience love and grace and learn wisdom.

To be a heroine on her own heroic journey, a woman must begin with the attitude that her choices so matter. In this process of living from this premise, something happens; a woman becomes a choicemaker, a heroine who shapes who she will become. She either grows with her actions or is diminished by what she does not do. Her future depends on the attitude she holds".