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Sharon Campbell

Family & Marriage Celebrant-A11669

"This is your life":

  • You want to celebrate the birthday or wedding anniversary (or both) for a very special family member?
  • Are you looking for something different?
  • A ceremony which is interactive, allowing everyones input and participation for the brave?
  • Want to keep the cost to a minimum?
  • You want a meaningful celebration honour and celebrate the significant events of your loved ones life.

The best gift you can give is the gift of love.

A chance to spend quality time with the family.

A day everyone will remember for the rest of their lives.

A "This is your life Ceremony" is raising in popularity.

Preparation for a 'This is your Life Ceremony', may involve;

  1. In depth interviews to capture the person's or couples story
  2. Make a Memento Photo Album
  3. Design a DVD presentation of photos with their favourite music
  4. Write a ceremony to be read at the celebration
  5. Work with family and friends to write short tributes to be read throughout the ceremony
  6. Organise family and friends with special performing talents to participate in the ceremony
  7. Print co-memorative booklets for each guest as a keepsake item.
  8. Take responsibility for the co-ordination and presentation of the ceremony allowing guests to relax through the night.

You can now appreciate the depth of work involved to put this ceremony together, but when performed it is nothing short of

"A Party of a Life Time".

The person or people on the receiving end, leave humbled, feeling totally loved and blessed to have such a wonderful family!